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5 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Hunting Trip More Comfortable

People have been camping since the dawn of time, and you’d think with all that practice we’d be champions at it by now. Despite all this time spent in the wilderness, either for fun or out of necessity on a hunting trip, we still have a lot to learn. Fortunately, these camping tips & tricks brought to you by Mixer 2 Mower, Life Hack, and BuzzFeed will make your next trek into the wilds just a little easier. Tip #1: Use Sage For Mosquito Control There’s nothing like a night around the campfire. The smell of wood smoke, the primal attraction of the leaping flames, and the smell of marshmallows and hot dogs getting cooked to perfection. Unfortunately, there’s also mosquitoes. While the smoke from the fire will keep some of them away, it won’t keep the bulk of these blood drinkers from crashing your party. Unless you use a bit of […]

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3 Life Hacks Every Outdoorsman Should Know

If you spend a lot of time in the outdoors, particularly during hunting season, you probably consider yourself fairly knowledgeable. However, there are a few, simple tricks you might not know that can make your season even better. For instance… Hack #1: Eliminate Your “Civilized” Smell Human noses have an evolutionary ability that we adjust to smells we’re exposed to all the time. It’s why you sometimes need to have someone else tell you that you have bad breath. However, if you’re hoping to sneak up on animals on their home turf, your scent will give you away from a long distance. As such, you should “scrub” the civilized scent off of you. Don’t use scented soap, shampoo, or aftershave. Leave your gear in the woods, or if that’s not feasible, pick it in a plastic bag with dirt, leaves, twigs, etc. for a while until that’s what your gear […]

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