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3 Life Hacks You Should Know For Your Next Fishing Trip

Fishing is one of those things most of us do to relax. Even sport fishermen, who live for the thrill of the fight, understand how to embrace the quiet of a lake, or the soft breeze over the ocean. However, there are a hundred little things that can distract you, niggle at you, or just end up becoming an annoyance when you’re getting ready to cast a line. So before you head out on your next fishing trip, keep these life hacks in mind. Hack #1: Nail Polish Nail polish is one of those multi-tools that every fisherman should keep on hand. If you’re worried about your hooks corroding, just apply a coat or two of nail polish to keep them safe from rust. If you want to keep the ties on your flies secure, paint them with polish for some extra grip. If your lures need a color change, […]

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Tips for Taking Your Kids on A Unforgettable Fishing Trip

You’ve been waiting and waiting and now the day is finally here – the day you get to take your children on their first fishing trip. It’s bound to be a day for the memory books, so you want it to be perfect. The best place to start is planning what you’ll need to take with you. Patience. Teaching kids how to fish is going to require a good amount of patience. Plan on lots of snagged lines, fishing poles flung into the water, and kids splashing each other with water. Just remember, the first trip is going to be covering the basics and hoping for the best. Tackle box. You probably already have a tackle box if you’re an avid fisherman. If so, take a picture of it before you leave because it will never look the same once a bunch of little fingers goes through it! Kids love […]

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Memorable Fishing Trips

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. You are standing on the porch of a lake-view rental at Caddo or Livingston, a bucket of minnows in one hand, fishing pole in the other. A cool mist is floating in from the water, tendrils of it already starting to burn off in the breaking summer dawn. You take a deep breath, rich with the earthy scents of a healthy land and fresh air. You are king of your vacation castle on a perfect Saturday morning, strolling to the dock where you can hear the gentle wet plops of surfacing fish reaching for colorful dragonflies. It’s good to be the king. The most memorable fishing trip is one that matches your personality. You might enjoy fishing Tom Sawyer-style, teaching your kids to catch them one minute and then scare them off by jumping in the fishing hole, laughing, the next minute. Perhaps you would […]

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Five Essential Knots for Fishing Trips

Tying a proper knot is the difference between catching a trophy bass or telling a story about the one that got away. Losing a fish due to a poor knot is heartbreaking and can ruin a fishing trip, but it is preventable with these five essential knots. Palomar Knot:  This is one of the most widely used knots by anglers, and for good reason. Few knots are as secure as the Palomar, and it is a great knot to use on braided or monofilament line. San Diego Jam Knot:  Another widely used knot that is comparable to the Palomar is the San Diego Jam knot. Also known as the Reverse Clinch or Heiliger knot, it is reliable, strong and quick. Trilene Knot: The Trilene knot is great for securing artificial lures. Lures are expensive, so a strong knot like the Trilene prevents spending money on replacement lures. Blood Knot:  The […]

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Fishing Trips Are a Great Way to Get Kids Involved in Outdoor Sports

Fishing has been a fun family bonding experience for generations. Adults often find it relaxing and nostalgic. Kids love the thrill of catching a fish all by themselves. It gets families outdoors and connecting with the natural world in a unique way while making lasting memories. Getting children involved, however, does come with challenges. Much of the hassle and difficulty can be spared by remembering a few key things: Know the equipment and technique ahead of time. If you’re a seasoned angler, no worries. But if it’s been a while since you wetted a line, spend some time reviewing your gear. Simpler is better when it comes to novice anglers, especially kids. The time-tested worm and bobber is a fine place to start and panfish are the perfect introductory species. Once your young anglers gain some experience and confidence, moving up to lures isn’t hard. Floating lures are a good […]

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Outpost Fishing Trips, Memories for a Lifetime

No matter what your experience level with fishing, Outpost Hunting & Fishing has the fishing trip for you. With guides, experience, and knowledge, Outpost will make sure your fishing excursion is the best possible. Your Outpost fishing trip will be something to tell your grandchildren about. We at Outpost realize that not everyone in your party likes fishing, so we have them covered with hiking, horseback rides, and boating. They will have fun, too. Fishing is a hobby, a treasure, and a different experience every time. To us, it is part of life. It brings peace to the mind, exhilaration the body, and calmness to the soul. It is for bonding, and getting to know the others at work in a non-work environment is always good to increase productivity. Outpost guides know how to plan an expedition. They know what lures and baits to use, and where to use them. […]

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Late-Season Bass Fishing Tips for Success

Whether you’re after smallmouth or largemouth, anglers typically catch more bass during the spring and summer months. Once the weather begins to cool, the bass becomes slower and less active. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should pack up your fishing gear and wait until spring, though. With the right approach, you can still bag some bass late in the season. Target Shallow Waters Bass tend to migrate towards shallow waters in search of food when the temperature drops. Here, they’ll feast on bluegills, shad, and craws. You can target this bass by using shallow crank baits and spinners. Bottom-Crawling Spinners Along with targeting shallow waters, you can also catch more bass late in the season by using a bottom-crawling spinner. These lures are particularly effective given the habitual movement patterns of bass during cold weather. Go with the Bait Many anglers are guilty of overthinking their fishing efforts. Rather […]

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Outpost Fishing Trips, Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Create memories with the fishing trip of a lifetime Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler that ties his or her own flies, The Outpost Fishing Trips  has a fishing experience for you. From fishing for trophy King salmon or Coho in the tributaries of Alaska, to fly fishing on the South Platte for those elusive and challenging monster trout, we have the fishing experience you want. At The Outpost we have the guides, experience, and know-how to make your angling excursion memorable. Planning a family outing? We have that covered too If a member of your party chooses not to fish, we can arrange hikes, horseback rides, and boating excursions. Not everybody understands the sacred excellence of fishing, so we’ll get them out of your hair and out having their own fun. Fishing should be a religion. It’s also great bonding. Fishing is more than just a hobby, it’s […]

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