Outpost Fishing Trips, Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Create memories with the fishing trip of a lifetime

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler that ties his or her own flies, The Outpost Fishing Trips  has a fishing experience for you. From fishing for trophy King salmon or Coho in the tributaries of Alaska, to fly fishing on the South Platte for those elusive and challenging monster trout, we have the fishing experience you want. At The Outpost we have the guides, experience, and know-how to make your angling excursion memorable.

Outpost Fishing Trips, Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Planning a family outing? We have that covered too

If a member of your party chooses not to fish, we can arrange hikes, horseback rides, and boating excursions. Not everybody understands the sacred excellence of fishing, so we’ll get them out of your hair and out having their own fun.

Fishing should be a religion. It’s also great bonding.

Fishing is more than just a hobby, it’s an experience and a treasure. Nothing brings more peace to the soul and exhilaration to the body than landing a trophy catch while surrounded by a pristine natural environment. Fishing trips are great for corporate retreats, getting to know one another in a non-work environment is conducive to increased productivity in the workplace.

Experience and knowledge are the difference

From picking the right spot to selecting the right baits and lures, a lot goes into the planning for a fishing expedition. Knowledge and experience of fishing and hunting all over the world is just one characteristic of our seasoned guides. They are helpful, dedicated to your fishing experience, and willing to do what it takes to make sure you land your dream catches.

With The Outpost, you are family.

Our guides know fishing, but don’t let their expertise overwhelm you. They are here to make sure you have a good time and are able to land record fish in the time you are with them. If you are a newbie they will show you the ropes and get you going. If you are an experienced angler, they can locate the best spots for the more challenging catches you are interested in. Our guides are patient, approachable and friendly.

The Outpost takes care of all the details

From travel to permits to lodging and food, we handle all the logistics so that you can focus on one thing: Fishing. We book trips all over the United States and all over the world, depending on your wishes and the season.

Outdoor enthusiasts to the bone.

We dedicate ourselves to preserving hunting and fishing environments for now and the future and we honor all state, local, country laws regarding limits and land use. Being an outdoor enthusiast means that you care about the outdoors, and we do. When you’re ready to book that next fishing trip contact us.

About The Outpost

For over 30 years The Outpost has been assisting hunters, outdoorsmen and sporting enthusiasts create memories that last a lifetime. Our staff is passionate about preserving time-honored hunting and fishing traditions and take pride in sharing their love of the great outdoors with others.

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