Get Your Kids Hooked on Hunting

Chances are excellent that when you think back on how you got involved in the outdoors, you have some good memories of great experiences that shaped you into the hunter you are today. As sportsmen, we are responsible for ensuring that future generations find fulfillment and joy in these same pursuits, and there’s no easier audience for this than our own children. Whether your kids are in diapers or you are paying college tuition, it is never too early (or late) to start them down the road to a hobby and passion that will follow them throughout the rest of their lives.

Get Your Kids Hooked on Hunting


Kids most receptive to new things when it is their idea. While the ultimate end game is to have your child in the field with you beaming ear-to-ear after harvesting their first November buck or fifteenth April gobbler, they have to want to do it. Get them involved in easy ways: visit sporting goods stores together to pick out new gear, watch a high-interest hunting show that you can both enjoy, or spend an afternoon at the range plinking away with your .22 rifles. Stay positive and upbeat—don’t harp on them if they miss the target. Instead, show them how to make the necessary corrections. Help them find success.


We’ve all spent days in the blind where there’s no quarry to be seen, our stomach is growling, or the weather just doesn’t cooperate. Use these past experiences to your advantage to tailor-make your kid’s first hunting experiences the best that they can possibly be. Get permission to hunt in an area where there’s been ample game movement, watch the weather reports so that you can best prepare for proper clothing, and of course, pack snacks! It’s even a good idea to bring along something quiet for them to do if there’s any lull in the action. A kid-sized pair of binoculars or a good hunting-related book will fit the bill nicely.


Fundamental basics like firearm and archery safety, shot placement, or identifying animal signs in the woods don’t come naturally to most of us. Attend the necessary Hunter Education courses with your kids, discuss scenarios of when it’s a good idea to pass up a shot or pull the trigger, or go searching for sheds in the offseason—pointing out buck rubs and bedding areas while you’re there. When it comes to marksmanship, safety, or ethical decisions, there’s no such thing as too much practice.

What all of this boils down to essentially, is time. Kids want nothing more than to spend time with people that care about them, doing things that they love. By fostering any budding interests that they may have, you are only ensuring that when the alarm clock goes off on the morning of the season opener, your kid will be as giddy as Christmas morning. The anticipation and joy they will have won’t only be about tagging a trophy, but most importantly, it will be about sharing that experience with you.

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