3 Life Hacks You Should Know For Your Next Fishing Trip

Fishing is one of those things most of us do to relax. Even sport fishermen, who live for the thrill of the fight, understand how to embrace the quiet of a lake, or the soft breeze over the ocean. However, there are a hundred little things that can distract you, niggle at you, or just end up becoming an annoyance when you’re getting ready to cast a line. So before you head out on your next fishing trip, keep these life hacks in mind.

3 Life Hacks You Should Know For Your Next Fishing Trip

Hack #1: Nail Polish

Nail polish is one of those multi-tools that every fisherman should keep on hand. If you’re worried about your hooks corroding, just apply a coat or two of nail polish to keep them safe from rust. If you want to keep the ties on your flies secure, paint them with polish for some extra grip. If your lures need a color change, or just a patch job after some hard use, then nail polish can do the job quickly, and easily.

Hack #2: One Safety Pin Goes A Long Way

How many times have you put your hooks away neatly, but after the jostle of the trip out to your favorite fishing hole they’ve turned into a pile of jagged metal? Well one thing you can do is use a safety pin to keep your hooks in a row. Just slip the hooks onto the pin, secure it, and bam, no more meat grinder for your fingers.

Hack #3: Toothpaste

The right toothpaste can get fishy odors off your breath, but it can do the same for your hands. Just mix a dollop of toothpaste with liquid hand soap, and when you wash your hands after cleaning your catch, you won’t have the scent of the day’s fish following you around anymore.

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