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Custom Hunting Blinds to Fit Your Needs

Custom hunting blinds should provide you with the ability to blend in with your surroundings while providing you with some comfort while hunting. So what goes into a great hunting blind? The Outpost has a custom weld shop that fabricates standard 4’x5′ hunting blinds as well as custom sizes if needed. Each blind includes framed windows and doors, a metal roof, solid welded construction and a range of tower sizes available. ELEVATED OR GROUND Elevated blinds range from 5′ to 16′ in height.  The all steel towers can easily be stacked to transport multiple towers if needed. Climbing a ladder and visibility are the two major decisions here. If you need to see over a large field, get an elevated blind. If you have trouble with or don’t like climbing, our custom staircase with handrail makes getting into your blind a lot easier. OPTIONS & FEATURES Want to customize your hunting blind? No […]

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Custom Metal Fabrication & Welding

Hunters that are after big game and use feeders are increasingly finding that they are are attracting the wrong kind of animal. Wild hogs are a nuisance, damaging to whitetails and can destroy cheap feeders. The Outpost offers custom metal fabrication feeders that will stop feral hogs from carrying off your bait. Because the feeders are metal, the hogs cannot do much damage to them. We make extremely sturdy feeders. Wild hogs quickly learn that they can rock against the limbs of a cheap feeder to tip it over or knock feed out of the barrel. Our feeders, with heavy angle iron or box iron legs, are proof against shaking and impacts from even the biggest boars.   If you have other custom feeder or deer blind needs, we’re ready to talk to you. Just fill out this form and tell us your what you’re looking for. Someone will be in touch.

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About The Outpost

For over 30 years The Outpost has been assisting hunters, outdoorsmen and sporting enthusiasts create memories that last a lifetime. Our staff is passionate about preserving time-honored hunting and fishing traditions and take pride in sharing their love of the great outdoors with others.

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