Trail Camera for Deer Hunting: What You Should Know

What’s the most influential factor in determining the success of a deer hunt? It’s the location. If you hunt in an area with few-to-no deer, you won’t have much success. On the other hand, choosing a hunting blind over a heavily trafficked trail can greatly increase your chances of scoring a trophy buck. Rather than guessing which areas are most frequented by deer, you should use a trail camera to find the best possible hunting spot. When a deer or large game animal passes in front of the motion sensor, it activates the camera and takes a picture.

Trail Camera for Deer Hunting: What You Should Know

Incandescent vs Infrared Trail Cameras

There are two primary types of trail cameras: incandescent and infrared (IR). Incandescent trail cameras use the same type of incandescent bulbs found in most homes. They produce high-quality images in both day and night. However, incandescent cameras typically have a shorter battery life than their IR counterpart. Furthermore, they produce a bright flash when activated, which may spook wild game.

The second type of trail camera, IR, works by producing a faint red glow instead of a bright flash when activated. Because they are more subtle, IR cameras are less likely to spook deer and other game.

Where to Place a Trail Camera

When scouting potential areas for your trail camera, look for signs of deer activity such as droppings, shed antlers, scrapes and tree rubs. Not surprisingly, game trails are an excellent location for trail cameras. Ridges, river banks, and creeks can also yield high game activity.

Just remember that most trail cameras can only point in a single direction, so face it towards the trail or path where you believe deer travel.

Check Your Trail Camera Regularly

You’ll also need to check your trail camera on a regular basis. Hopefully, it catches photos of the big game, in which case the memory card will eventually fill. When this occurs, you’ll need to either replace the memory card or transfer images off the memory card and on a separate storage device, such as your computer.

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