Preparing for your Experienced Guided Hunt

Planning a guided hunt? Preparing for your experienced guided hunt will allow you to get the best experience yet! Below we have compiled our best tips for getting prepared to ensure you achieve your game hunt goal.

Preparing for your Experienced Guided Hunt

Be Prepared

Most game hunts are done on private land with a guide or a guide who sets your hunt up. Listen to the guide’s recommendations. If you have questions, now is the time to ask. If you have your heart set on using a particular gun, definitely ask if it is suitable, but be prepared to bring something else. A good example is a wild boar (not a native animal in the US). A lot of hunters see the .223 as sufficient for these animals. It works well on sows under 100 pounds. But a trophy boar, 250+ pounds, can shake off a .223 and vanish.


If you are hunting private land ranches, the owners will often have a working relationship with a taxidermist. Before you accept their recommendation, contact the taxidermy shop. Get prices. Ask to see mounts, particularly mounts of the animal you want to hunt. Get close up pictures. Pictures from a distance can hide small issues that matter to you.

If you need a professional taxidermist, call The Outpost for pricing and mounting information. A whitetail shoulder mount together is not quite the same thing as a fallow deer. The fallow has some different, not-so-obvious, body features beyond the rack that make it different from a whitetail.

Meat Processing

A huge part of animal hunts is enjoying the meat. Plan to bring some back. This means coolers, good coolers that can keep the meat frozen or on ice until you get home. Ask how much cooler space you’ll need. Then, pack one more.

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