Memorable Fishing Trips

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. You are standing on the porch of a lake-view rental at Caddo or Livingston, a bucket of minnows in one hand, fishing pole in the other. A cool mist is floating in from the water, tendrils of it already starting to burn off in the breaking summer dawn. You take a deep breath, rich with the earthy scents of a healthy land and fresh air. You are king of your vacation castle on a perfect Saturday morning, strolling to the dock where you can hear the gentle wet plops of surfacing fish reaching for colorful dragonflies. It’s good to be the king.

Memorable Fishing Trips

The most memorable fishing trip is one that matches your personality. You might enjoy fishing Tom Sawyer-style, teaching your kids to catch them one minute and then scare them off by jumping in the fishing hole, laughing, the next minute. Perhaps you would rather treat your spouse to a romantic picnic with fresh-caught fish over coals, watching a Floridian sunset. Or make your trip an adventure with an Alaskan charter crawling the swells of ice-cold ocean stomping grounds.

Then, when the day is done, the fish are clean and in the freezer and the dog is thumping his tail happily on your house slippers, you relax on your porch with unforgettable memories of the perfect fishing trip.

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