The Importance Of A USDA Approved Taxidermist

The thrill of the hunt is best remembered through expert preservation and professional, sturdy display, whether mounted animals hang from the walls of a cozy living room or within the intimacy of a private trophy room. The Outpost, as a USDA approved taxidermist, employs extensive experience and craftsmanship to produce premium displays for hunters, their families, and friends to admire for generations. Moreover, it’s important to note that The Outpost stands as one of the only USDA approved taxidermist in the country, giving us the flexibility to meet your various needs.

The Importance Of A USDA Approved Taxidermist

The Importance of the USDA

The USDA, or the United States Department of Agriculture, addresses federal regulation related to farming, agriculture, forestry, and food, including animals whose skins need expert filling and mounting. The USDA vets taxidermy operations as qualified and safe in their practices, ensuring that you receive the best product. Certified by the USDA, The Outpost implements the expertise and best practices that produce premium taxidermy.

Benefits of a USDA Certification

Through The Outpost, generations of hunters benefit from:

  • Shipping frozen wildlife to our headquarters from remote locations.
  • Sending frozen wildlife from outside the United States to our headquarters for quality filling and mounting.
  • Efficient importation and craftsmanship on wildlife from a variety of locations.
  • Open communication with our staff to discuss taxidermy options when hunting outside the United States.
  • Safeguards from disease through the detoxing of foreign animals before they enter the United States.

While The Outpost holds pride in our exquisite, long-lasting taxidermied displays, we respect safety and protocol and are well-versed in USDA policies. Contact us today to discuss your next hunting trip, domestic or overseas.

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