Fishing Trips Are a Great Way to Get Kids Involved in Outdoor Sports

Fishing has been a fun family bonding experience for generations. Adults often find it relaxing and nostalgic. Kids love the thrill of catching a fish all by themselves. It gets families outdoors and connecting with the natural world in a unique way while making lasting memories. Getting children involved, however, does come with challenges. Much of the hassle and difficulty can be spared by remembering a few key things:

Fishing Trips Are a Great Way to Get Kids Involved in Outdoor Sports

  • Know the equipment and technique ahead of time. If you’re a seasoned angler, no worries. But if it’s been a while since you wetted a line, spend some time reviewing your gear. Simpler is better when it comes to novice anglers, especially kids. The time-tested worm and bobber is a fine place to start and panfish are the perfect introductory species. Once your young anglers gain some experience and confidence, moving up to lures isn’t hard. Floating lures are a good pick since you don’t have to worry much about them snagging on bottom. Getting each child an appropriately sized rod/reel outfit of their own is ideal, but any old rod and reel will work. A spinning rod/reel combo is the simplest. Other types of outfits will work, but they can get complicated.
  • Review the laws and regulations ahead of time. Adults typically need a fishing license. Kids rarely do, if ever. All other aspects vary, so get familiar with requirements before you hit the water. Regulations are available online and hard copies can be obtained for free at retail establishments that sell fishing gear, and through state agencies governing natural resources, such as Fish and Wildlife departments. It doesn’t hurt to have a copy with you when you fish. Nothing ruins fishing fun like getting a ticket!
  • Once you’re on the water, remember to relax and have fun. Bring snacks, beverages and maybe a diversion, such as a book, if the kids need a break or the fishing is slow. Be prepared to go with the flow. If a storm comes up, you call it quits. If your chosen spot is too crowded, you’ll go someplace else. Don’t obsess over the details, and don’t insist that everything is done “the right way.” As counter-intuitive as it may sound, catching fish is not the most important part of the outing. Even if the day ends without a single bite you’ll still have had a wonderful experience outdoors with people you love.

Getting kids involved in the outdoor sports at an early age often proves fundamental to building a lifelong love of the outdoors. Please contact us for more information on arranging and equipping yourself and family for all your hunting and fishing adventures.

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