How to Effectively Use a Deer Feeder

Setting up a deer feeder can give you the upper hand when deer season rolls around. Whether you hunt whitetail, blacktail or mule deer, conventional wisdom should tell you that deer travel to food sources. So by placing a feeder in the right location, you’ll have an easier time scoring the ‘Big One’ this deer season.

How to Effectively Use a Deer Feeder

Check Your State Laws

Laws governing the use of deer feeders for hunting vary from state to state, and in some cases, county to county. In Texas, for instance, hunters can feed and bait game animals and game birds on private property, with the only exception being a turkey in east counties and migratory bird species statewide. In Colorado, however, it’s illegal to bait to hunt moose, deer, elk and pronghorn.

Set Up Early

Don’t wait until the opening weekend of deer season to set up your feeder. This is an instance in which the age-old adage “the early bird gets the worm” holds true. Deer need time to find and familiarize themselves with the feeder. Once a herd finds a feeder, it will likely return in the days and weeks to follow.

Remove Game Before Dressing

Even if it’s easier and more convenient, don’t field dress a deer on or near your feeder. Doing so may discourage other deer from feeding, making your feeder a less effective hunting tool. Always remove the downed game from the area before field dressing.

Keep the Battery Charged

If you plan on using a battery-powered deer feeder, you should get into the habit of checking the power level on a regular basis. Battery-powered feeders automatically dispense food as needed. You can even set them to turn on at sunrise and turn off at sunset. After prolonged use, though, the battery will die and the feeder will no longer dispense food.

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