Deer Processing Made Easy

The hunt is over. Now that you’ve bagged it how are you gonna process it? Take it to the backyard or to a capable meat processor?

Deer Processing Made Easy

Butchering and processing your own deer can be exhilarating. With the right tools and a little knowledge, a person can fill their freezer up with that delicious venison in about 45 minutes to an hour. Having a trusted processor take care of the strenuous part can sometimes make the meat just taste better.

The first step in processing your deer is to “field-dress” it. This means removing the skin and guts to reveal your future dinner. Some folks hang their deer upside down, some hang them downside up, and others prefer to field dress the animal while it’s laying on the ground with a couple of stones to keep it stable. Having a sharp knife is key and plenty of fresh water will make your job more enjoyable. Field dressing should be done as soon as possible after you shoot the deer to prevent any meat from spoiling.

Then comes aging. Age your deer in 32-41 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. Processing your meat shortly after it’s been killed is feasible, but not reasonable. Because of the effects rigor mortis has on the texture of the meat, aging promotes a tender better-tasting product.

Next is to bone out the carcass. Cutting the shoulders away, freeing the back strap by peeling it and cutting it away from the backbone. Neck meat is great for grinding or stews. Remove your sirloin tips and trim. Further up or down depending on how it’s hung, you can remove the roasts and rounds. All that’s left is trimming the leftover meat which is great for grinding and making delicious smoked deer sausage.

Once you’ve finished all of the steps of cleaning and butchering your deer, you will need to wrap the pieces and parts you plan on freezing in wax paper and place them inside a good freezer bag or container. If properly packaged venison can last up to 2 years in the freezer.

Processing your own deer can be fulfilling, but if you have other wild adventures waiting, contact us now! The Outpost has 30 years of experience in respecting all animals we butcher while providing the highest quality of service.

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