Bird Mounts – Tips on Keeping the Bird Ready for the Taxidermist

Keeping a bird for the taxidermist begins at the point of capture, and requires a much softer touch than the bigger game. They must be handled and stored with great care, due to the fact that wings and delicate pieces will break easily. What can hunters do, then, to carefully move their prize from the field to bird mounts?

Bird Mounts - Tips on Keeping the Bird Ready for the Taxidermist

The best thing to do with a new bird is to make sure it is protected from oxygen. You’ll need to wrap, then freeze, it properly as close to the capture as possible. Avoid frost-free freezers; they will pull out moisture, ruin the meat of the bird, and destroy the delicate parts faster. Air circulates through these freezers to keep the frost away but has an adverse effect on a bird meant for mounting.

When you’re in the field, make sure to keep the bird as clean as possible. Basically, treat it like a delicate trophy. Don’t leave it out in the elements, even if the weather is below freezing. If the bird looks nice when it’s delivered to the taxidermist, it will be returned to you looking like the prize you found in the field.

It’s obvious to most hunters to treat a trophy kill delicately in the field, so much of the issues happen after the bird is brought home. Storing it too long in any type of freezer increases the chance of freezer burn on the feathers or damage to the skin. These will both change the way the mount looks, reducing its quality.

Those who want extra protection for the bird will wrap ice around the body. This is done by filling a large freezer bag with water, then putting the bird inside the water. It freezes, creating a frozen tomb to further protect the bird. The head is still tucked, as this protects the neck from snapping after a deep freeze. The secret to success is to make sure the feathers are wet to remove any possible oxygen held by smaller feathers or down.

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