5 Tips for Teaching Your Son or Daughter to Hunt

Hunting is a time-honored tradition that dates back to the very dawn of mankind. It teaches survival skills, respect for wildlife, and an overall appreciation for the environment. If your son or daughter wants to learn the ropes of hunting, keep reading for five essential tips.

5 Tips for Teaching Your Son or Daughter to Hunt

Safety First

When teaching a child to hunt, you should emphasize the importance of safety above all else. This includes — but it not limited to — pointing the gun barrel in a safe direction at all times; considering what’s behind the target before firing; how to climb a tree stand; making yourself visible to other hunters; etc.

Know the Laws

Keep in mind that some states require children to take a hunter’s education course before they can legally hunt alone. In Florida, for instance, children 16 years of age or older must complete a hunter’s safety course to hunt alone. Children younger than 16, however, can hunt without taking this course when supervised by a licensed adult 21 years of age or older.

Take them to the Shooting Range

As most seasoned hunters know, preparing and planning are as important as the actual hunt. Set aside several days for target practice before your hunt, showing your child the correct way to aim and fire. Once your child hits the target, he or she will have greater confidence in their shooting abilities.

Youth Hunting Activities

Check with your state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) or other wildlife departments to see if they offer any youth hunting activities. Most states offer hunting programs designed especially for children. Best of all, these youth hunts have low pressure, meaning your son or daughter has a better chance of scoring a buck.

Keep Sessions Short

Hunting requires patience and lots of it. Being that kids have short attention spans, though, they probably don’t want to spend 8 hours sitting in a tree stand — and that’s okay. Keeping your parent-child hunting sessions short prevents them from getting burned out.

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