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Three Reasons People Love Hunting

When it comes to Hunting, you’ll see we don’t do things halfway. No no, we have three top reasons to love it and when you read them, we think you’ll share our feelings too. First Reason: Being able to experience nature at its fullest People that love to hunt love to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  There is nothing like waking up early in the morning getting into your stand before the sun comes up and seeing the whole world wake up before you.  You get to hear the birds start chirping, squirrels start rustling about and hopefully see a few big deer start moving to feed.  It’s an amazing thing to experience when hunting.  There’s nothing better than spending a little quiet time in mother nature. Second Reason: Being able to create a lifetime of memories and stories Another reason people love to hunt is to create a […]

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The Importance Of A USDA Approved Taxidermist

The thrill of the hunt is best remembered through expert preservation and professional, sturdy display, whether mounted animals hang from the walls of a cozy living room or within the intimacy of a private trophy room. The Outpost, as a USDA approved taxidermist, employs extensive experience and craftsmanship to produce premium displays for hunters, their families, and friends to admire for generations. Moreover, it’s important to note that The Outpost stands as one of the only USDA approved taxidermist in the country, giving us the flexibility to meet your various needs. The Importance of the USDA The USDA, or the United States Department of Agriculture, addresses federal regulation related to farming, agriculture, forestry, and food, including animals whose skins need expert filling and mounting. The USDA vets taxidermy operations as qualified and safe in their practices, ensuring that you receive the best product. Certified by the USDA, The Outpost implements […]

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How Wind Speed and Direction Affects Hunting

Ask any seasoned hunter and he or she will agree: wind speed and direction play a critical role in hunting. When you’re 30+ feet up in a tree stand, a strong gust of wind can make the air feel cooler. But wind speed and direction affect other elements of hunting, as well. Slows Deer Movement Ever notice how there are fewer deer moving on windy days? This is because wind speed affects their movement. Tim Walmsley, an Illinois hunter and whitetail expert, says strong winds are the “kiss of death.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t see a single whitetail when it’s windy. Rather, the wind makes deer less active, minimizing your chances of scoring a trophy buck. Moves Your Scent Of course, the wind can carry your scent, raising the alarm to nearby deer. To overcome this problem, some hunters choose hunting areas with natural protection from the wind, […]

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Outpost Fishing Trips, Memories for a Lifetime

No matter what your experience level with fishing, Outpost Hunting & Fishing has the fishing trip for you. With guides, experience, and knowledge, Outpost will make sure your fishing excursion is the best possible. Your Outpost fishing trip will be something to tell your grandchildren about. We at Outpost realize that not everyone in your party likes fishing, so we have them covered with hiking, horseback rides, and boating. They will have fun, too. Fishing is a hobby, a treasure, and a different experience every time. To us, it is part of life. It brings peace to the mind, exhilaration the body, and calmness to the soul. It is for bonding, and getting to know the others at work in a non-work environment is always good to increase productivity. Outpost guides know how to plan an expedition. They know what lures and baits to use, and where to use them. […]

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Late-Season Bass Fishing Tips for Success

Whether you’re after smallmouth or largemouth, anglers typically catch more bass during the spring and summer months. Once the weather begins to cool, the bass becomes slower and less active. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should pack up your fishing gear and wait until spring, though. With the right approach, you can still bag some bass late in the season. Target Shallow Waters Bass tend to migrate towards shallow waters in search of food when the temperature drops. Here, they’ll feast on bluegills, shad, and craws. You can target this bass by using shallow crank baits and spinners. Bottom-Crawling Spinners Along with targeting shallow waters, you can also catch more bass late in the season by using a bottom-crawling spinner. These lures are particularly effective given the habitual movement patterns of bass during cold weather. Go with the Bait Many anglers are guilty of overthinking their fishing efforts. Rather […]

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Preparing for your Experienced Guided Hunt

Planning a guided hunt? Preparing for your experienced guided hunt will allow you to get the best experience yet! Below we have compiled our best tips for getting prepared to ensure you achieve your game hunt goal. Be Prepared Most game hunts are done on private land with a guide or a guide who sets your hunt up. Listen to the guide’s recommendations. If you have questions, now is the time to ask. If you have your heart set on using a particular gun, definitely ask if it is suitable, but be prepared to bring something else. A good example is a wild boar (not a native animal in the US). A lot of hunters see the .223 as sufficient for these animals. It works well on sows under 100 pounds. But a trophy boar, 250+ pounds, can shake off a .223 and vanish. Taxidermy If you are hunting private […]

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Trail Camera for Deer Hunting: What You Should Know

What’s the most influential factor in determining the success of a deer hunt? It’s the location. If you hunt in an area with few-to-no deer, you won’t have much success. On the other hand, choosing a hunting blind over a heavily trafficked trail can greatly increase your chances of scoring a trophy buck. Rather than guessing which areas are most frequented by deer, you should use a trail camera to find the best possible hunting spot. When a deer or large game animal passes in front of the motion sensor, it activates the camera and takes a picture. Incandescent vs Infrared Trail Cameras There are two primary types of trail cameras: incandescent and infrared (IR). Incandescent trail cameras use the same type of incandescent bulbs found in most homes. They produce high-quality images in both day and night. However, incandescent cameras typically have a shorter battery life than their IR […]

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How to Effectively Use a Deer Feeder

Setting up a deer feeder can give you the upper hand when deer season rolls around. Whether you hunt whitetail, blacktail or mule deer, conventional wisdom should tell you that deer travel to food sources. So by placing a feeder in the right location, you’ll have an easier time scoring the ‘Big One’ this deer season. Check Your State Laws Laws governing the use of deer feeders for hunting vary from state to state, and in some cases, county to county. In Texas, for instance, hunters can feed and bait game animals and game birds on private property, with the only exception being a turkey in east counties and migratory bird species statewide. In Colorado, however, it’s illegal to bait to hunt moose, deer, elk and pronghorn. Set Up Early Don’t wait until the opening weekend of deer season to set up your feeder. This is an instance in which the […]

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